Save your money. 

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Save your voice.  

Singers, do you want to learn how to belt high notes in only 7 days 
... so you can make your voice stand out from the crowd and triple your repertoire

... without you having to deal with painful vocal strain
... without you having to invest years in learning how to belt
... without you having to pay high amounts for private singing lessons?
Hi, my name is Anna G.
I am a professionally trained vocal coach with 18 years of teaching experience 
and I'm specialized in belting high notes
with freedom, ease & fun. 

I used to deal with massive vocal strain
and even had a swollen vocal cord, 
until I found the right belting technique
that saved my voice and got me 2 golden records.

Get my online course, 
where I'll guide you
day-by-day and step-by-step, 
to belting all the high songs you
want - with ease and FUN!


Anna helped me with a song I had to sing at a wedding. Without her help I would have cancelled it, because it was too hard to get my voice up. My voice broke and it sounded just thin.

I felt embarrassed and a little desperate that I couldn’t sing it, although I’m not a beginner. Now I can sing it in the original tune. The couple was so touched by my performance, the groom even cried. What a development after only a handful of lessons! Worth every cent! Thank you!


For anyone, who doesn't want to learn classical singing, this course is perfect. Weaknesses are corrected, focussing on good tips. My confidence increased, because Anna is a really great teacher, who doesn't only teaches the vocal technique, but also motivates for best results.


I strongly recommend learning from Anna. She helped me with belting song parts, which I needed for my musical show. My voice doesn’t break anymore when I sing higher.


Anna’s concept is easy to understand and she is fun to work with. It was like working with a cheerleading vocal instructor, who motivated me and believed in me. The lessons were great and we laughed a lot, too!  


I'm thrilled and motivated!


Sometimes I can’t believe how strong my voice comes out. It feels so amazing! Before the lessons I didn’t know that I could sing this way.


The lessons are fun and motivating! 


Anna! Thank you for the great singing lessons, I highly recommend you. You're modern, innovative and I learned very much. My voice sounds amazing now. I am absolutely delighted with your singing lessons.


Here's What You Get In The 7 Days Belting Program:

Micro Step-by-step Lessons Each Day For 7 Days, Including:

  • The Singer's Breath, The ONLY Breathing Technique EVERY Singer Should Be Using
  • The 3 Support Levels For Voice Control
  • How To Use The Crybaby Singing Method For Amazing And Fast Belting Results That Keep Your Voice Stable And Healthy
  • How To Use The Baby Sigh Technique For Low Volume Belting (Pop, Musical, Jazz, Quiet & High Songs)
  • How To Use The Baby Whine Technique For Mid Volume Belting (Pop, R'n'B, Neo Soul, Jazz, Musical, High Songs In A Middle Loud Volume)
  • How To Use The Baby Shout Technique For High Volume Belting (Pop, Soul, Rock, Punk, Blues, Gospel, Musical, High Songs In A Loud Powerful Volume)
  • How To Use The Baby Scream Technique For Very High Volume Belting (Pop, Soul, Rock, Metal, Gospel, Blues, High Songs In A Very Loud Powerful Volume)


 ... 20+ more video lessons waiting for you inside!

PLUS Bonus Material Including:

  • All Video Lessons In Written Form (pdf)
  • 49 Audio Exercises & Exercise Playbacks That Focus On Belting
  • Infographics On Vocal Anatomy, Breathing, Singing From The Diaphragm, Vowel Modification
  • Fillable Range Checklists, Daily Progress Checklists and Rules & Limits Cheat Sheets Made For You To Check Your Progress
  • 15 Extra Video Exercises For Tongue, Jaw, Breathing, Singing From The Diaphragm
  • Daily Practice Tasks For Your Fast Progress
  • Famous Singer Examples For You To Learn, Hear and Compare The 4 Different Belting Sounds Baby Sigh, Baby Whine, Baby Shout and Baby Scream



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