Is This You?

  • You've been wasting months of your time on Youtube, trying to learn how to belt high notes, but you still can't?
  • You suffer from vocal strain after belting?
  • Your voice switches into the head voice when you want to belt the high notes with power?

Singers, if I offered to help you to belt any high song 

you want in 7 days, using my online program

"From Vocal Strain To Healthy Belting in 7 Days",

  • without you having to pay high amounts for private, year long singing lessons,
  • without you having to suffer from vocal strain,
  • without you having to switch into your head voice,
  • without you wasting your time on random Youtube tutorials that don't focus on belting,
  • without you having to pay monthly membership fees,

Would You Take Me Up On That Offer?

  • Learn how to turn a weak head voice into a belting powerhouse - FAST!
  • Discover how to get total control of your voice and become unstoppable
  • Say goodbye to vocal breaks and vocal strain

Watch This Video To See What's Included 

I offer SPLIT PAYMENTS on the checkout page.

Here's What You Get In The 7 Days Belting Program:

Step-by-step Lessons Including:

  • The Singer's Breath, The ONLY Breathing Technique EVERY Singer Should Be Using
  • The 3 Support Levels For Voice Control
  • How To Use The Crybaby Singing Method For Amazing And Fast Belting Results
  • How To Use The Baby Sigh Technique For Low Volume Belting (Pop, Musical, Jazz, Quiet & High Songs)
  • How To Use The Baby Whine Technique For Mid Volume Belting (Pop, R'n'B, Neo Soul, Jazz, Musical, High Songs In A Middle Loud Volume)
  • How To Use The Baby Shout Technique For High Volume Belting (Pop, Soul, Rock, Punk, Blues, Gospel, Musical, High Songs In A Loud Powerful Volume)
  • How To Use The Baby Scream Technique For Very High Volume Belting (Pop, Soul, Rock, Metal, Gospel, Blues, High Songs In A Very Loud Powerful Volume)


 ... 20+ more video lessons waiting for you inside!

PLUS Bonus Material Including:

  • All Video Lessons Written Out (pdf)
  • 49 Audio Exercises & Exercise Playbacks That Focus On Belting
  • Infographics On Vocal Anatomy, Breathing, Singing From The Diaphragm, Vowel Modification, 
  • Fillable Range Checklists, Daily Progress Checklists and Rules & Limits Cheat Sheets Made For You To Check Your Progress
  • 15 Extra Video Exercises For Tongue, Jaw, Breathing, Singing From The Diaphragm
  • Daily Practice Tasks For Your Fast Progress
  • Famous Singer Examples For You To Learn, Hear and Compare The 4 Different Belting Sounds Baby Sigh, Baby Whine, Baby Shout and Baby Scream



Anna helped me with a song I had to sing at a wedding. Without her help I would have cancelled it, because it was too hard to get my voice up. My voice broke and it sounded just thin.

I felt embarrassed and a little desperate that I couldn’t sing it, although I’m not a beginner. Now I can sing it in the original tune. The couple was so touched by my performance, the groom even cried. What a development after only a handful of lessons! Worth every cent! Thank you!


I strongly recommend learning from Anna. She helped me with belting song parts, which I needed for my musical show. My voice doesn’t break anymore when I sing higher.


Anna’s concept is easy to understand and she is fun to work with. It was like working with a cheerleading vocal instructor, who motivated me and believed in me. The lessons were great and we laughed a lot, too!  


Sometimes I can’t believe how strong my voice comes out. It feels so amazing! Before the lessons I didn’t know that I could sing this way.


The lessons are fun and motivating! 


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Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Is it really possible to learn belting in 7 days? 

Is it the course right for me, even if I don’t have a band yet?

“What if I don’t have the talent?”

“What if I don’t have the right voice for belting?”

“Am I too old to learn belting?”